Virtual Office in Singapore


  • Top Location - Robinson Road
  • 3 minutes walk from MRT
  • 24X7 Surveillance
  • Covered walkway
  • Direct to lift
  • Daily Mail Alert
  • Free Easy To Remember Shared Fax number
  • Includes Free* Monthly Mail Forwarding 
  • Additional Daily / Weekly Forwarding *
  • Additional Scanning of mails *
  • Additional Daily Cheque Deposits * 
  • Instant Customer Connection if your customers com
  • Very impressive space age modern looking office 

25 Reasons Why Singapore?

  1. Singapore is a modern metropolis
  2. Singapore recently top as the global smart city rankings again 
  3. Careful city planning to blend work live and play
  4. Corruption Free
  5. Gracious Society
  6. Relocation of many Family Offices
  7. Highly educated work force
  8.  $82,763 GDP (PPP) per capita.
  9. Financial gateway to Southeast Asia
  10. Wealth Haven 
  11. One of the lowest taxes in the world
  12. One of the top five busiest container ports in the world
  13. Safest Banking
  14. offshore company in Singapore can pay effectively zero percent tax if not serving local customers.
  15. Zero capital gains tax or estate tax
  16. Businesses in Singapore pay a 17 percent flat tax
  17. No threatening phone calls from the government
  18. No tax attorney needed to find vague “loopholes,” 
  19. Hub for venture capital and entrepreneurship
  20. Transparent Legal Environment
  21. Easy to navigate corporate environment
  22. English as the first language
  23. Hub of Private Banking
  24. Gold has no tax
  25. Crypto Hub in Asia

25 Reasons Why Us?

  1. We are 15 years old, that makes us 1 in 100 companies that survived in 10 years.
  2. We are accountable for our letters to be exact over 13 million letters processed in the last 15 years
  3. We have a loss rate of less than 0.0003% that is a total loss of about 50 letters in the 13 million processed over 15 years.
  4. We are entrepreneurs likes you, so we build solutions we use ourselves
  5. We buy our office so you will not have to worry about moving as no landlords can chase us out.
  6. We have moved ONCE in the last 15 years, most do not last more than 5 years or they are forced to move every 3 to 4 years
  7. The 
  8. Most number of VO clients
  9. We gone high tech!
  10. We are backed now by companies with strong financials








Why we are better?

Smart Virtual Office has been helping SMEs since 2006. We do not just provide you a space, we provide you the necessary guidance to start a successful company. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have first hand indepth experience in bootstrapping startups.

Since 2006, here are some prominent companies that has used our service

Real Estate Back office solution supported by over 15,000 agents

World's easiest 360 Virtual Tour that can be built in under 1 minute

Singapore’s pioneer and most trusted digital lending platform, lending over

CNMC Goldmine Holding Limited (the "Company') is the first Catalist-listed gold mining company on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the "SGX-ST")

International Franchise Century21  


Start your business on the dime


What's included:
In App Mail Alert
24 X 7 Self Collection
1 Company Name
Weekly Forwarding ( Postage + $2.00 Fee )
Require $50 Deposit


Collaborate, experiment and optimize


What's included:
All Essetial Features
Free Monthly Mail Forwarding ( Local )
1 additional name Contact
No Deposit Required


Handle multiple projects,  maximize reach and ROI  


What's included:
All Pro Features
Free Weekly Mail Forwarding - Local/ International
Free .com / .sg Domain
Free SSD Web Hosting


Scalable publishing, Security and Personalization


What's included:
All Premium Features
Free Weekly Mail Forwarding - Local/ International
Own 6 series Singapore Number ( incoming calls )
Up to 5 Extensions

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